Beyond the Tag : Best Practices for Garment Care

Garment CareJoelle Workman
  A closer look at caring for your clothing and how one simple change can dramatically improve the linespan of your closet. 

A closer look at caring for your clothing and how one simple change can dramatically improve the linespan of your closet. 

The number one question we get here at Fennec Design is "How do I wash and dry screen printed clothing?" We love that our customers are interested in taking great care of their garments, and as a company committed to making environmentally friendly choices we believe that giving clothing it's longest possible linespan is the crucial final component of a production chain that is earth friendly. By using cold water and gentle washing and drying techniques you can ensure maximum longevity not only for your Fennec items but for all your clothing.

Why wash with cold water? Does it still get my clothing clean?

  • Cool water cycles keep the colored and black dyes in your clothing from fading over time.
  • 90% percent of the energy expended when you wash clothing is used to heat water. Less heat means less wasted energy and a smaller bill!
  • Protein based stains like blood and sweat are more easily removed in cold water.
  • New green detergents are specially designed to dissolve and work effectively in cold water, unlike old school (often powdered) detergents that needed heat to be effective.

When it comes to drying your items, hang drying is ideal but most items (unless otherwise noted on the care tag) should be just fine with a low temp tumble.

All of the garments we print on have garment care tags. Garment care tags offer instructions specific to an item's fiber content by using a universal visual key. The tag displays the maximum level of laundering an item can handle while maintaining its structural integrity over time. Many customers choose to follow tag instructions with excellent results. While it is our belief that gentler care is best, we also understand that not everyone has time to line dry their clothing. 

Ultimately screen printed items are no different than any other items in your closet. All of Fennec's print have been heat set to be machine laundry safe. You can even use an iron on your items, although we recommend avoiding placing the iron directly on top of the design (inside out while pressing for best results). 

Here are a few extra tips for great laundry results:

  • Measure your detergent according to instructions. Too much and you get soapy residue. Too little and your clothes may not get entirely clean.
  • Don't crowd your clothes by overfilling your machine.
  • If you are still planning to launder your items hot, buy your natural fibers like cotton in a larger size to account for shrinking.
  • Foldable laundry racks are a great way to hang clothing in a small home or apartment where an outdoor laundry line isn't an option.
  • Soak work out clothing in cold water immediately after use if you have a chance. It keeps lingering stink from setting in and fights those icky pit stains!